What does advanced information technology have to do with providing compassionate community care? Everything! At Huntington Hospital, we value the critical role IT plays in making exceptional care possible. Our IT innovators are not just working on computers. They’re creating bridges that bring patients and clinicians closer together. And they’re doing this in a wide variety of areas, including:

Within our growing, hyperconverged computing virtual environment, we’re opening up possibilities for new advancements in population health, data analytics, interconnectivity with external organizations, privacy and security of data and more. This is engaging, challenging work with a lot of moving parts and critical requirements. It demands creative thinkers with a broad knowledge base and offers those individuals an incredible variety of career options, including both business and clinical career paths.
No matter what role you play on our information technology team, you’ll have the opportunity to do truly meaningful work as you positively affect the outcome of patient care.

We need forward-looking change agents with a passion for people and the ability to see how their work fits into the big picture of providing world-class patient care. Because we understand and appreciate the importance of IT in our overall mission, we have established a culture where your success and ongoing growth is encouraged and empowered. It is a culture of constant learning with consistent opportunities for training, education, skillset development and specialized certification.

“We’re putting the right information in the right hands at the right time to improve our patient care.”
Bo Woods
Director of Information Services/ Infrastructure

How is Huntington Hospital like the newest video games?
Virtual reality and augmented reality are game changers for both. We’re using VR/AR concepts to drive advancements in telemedicine and other critical areas.

How do we serve those who serve our community?
One of the ways is with our incredible variety of concierge services. We’ll help take care of your busy work so you can focus on delivering exceptional patient care.